You have the power

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Listen, kid. Listen, lady. Listen, old man.

You say you want to do something with this life? You’re not content and you want to change things?

You say it doesn’t have to be this way? You’re right.

So what are you going to do about it?

It’s your life. You can fix it. You have the power.

You say it’s out of your control? Stop that.

You have the keys — right there, between your temples, and right there, connected to your wrists. Those belong to you, only you, and you can do anything you choose to do with your mind and your hands.

So what are you going to do?

Of course you’re not sure. Everyone who ever tried something big had at least a flicker of doubt somewhere along the way; heck, they probably had big doubts from time to time — but they went for it and they kept going, and that made all the difference.

Of course you’re not perfect or even very good at what you want to do. Nobody wrote “Yesterday” the first time they tried to write a song. Nobody won a Pulitzer for the first story they ever wrote. Nobody carved “David” the first time they tried to sculpt. Nobody won an Oscar for their first acting performance. You get started, you keep going, and you get better at it every time you do.

Nobody changed the world the first time they tried. It’s a big world with billions and billions of people on it. Changing it — even changing your teeny tiny corner of it — is going to take patience and time and not a little willpower.

Even changing you — the smallest unit of the collective and the entirety of you — will take patience and time and not a little willpower.

But it can be done — if you will it.

“I can’t”? Who the heck told you that? Of course you can.

“Everyone is against me. Everything is against me”?

Do you know how big a word “Everyone” is?

Here’s a clue: Almost everyone doesn’t know who you are. Almost everyone doesn’t care about you.

I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m saying that because billions and billions of people don’t know you. But someday a whole lot of them might, if you go for it.

It’s your life: All yours. Go live it.

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