all right now

It’s going to be all right.

“Easy to say, but how?”

It’s up to you.

“Oh, fine. It’s up to me? That’s supposed to make me feel better?”

Actually, yes.

“Right. I’m not anybody.”

Would you rather have to depend on (mentions a political name) to make your life better?

“Like that’s worked out.”

Precisely my point. Here.

“What’s this?”

The reins. The steering wheel, if you will. The controls of your life. It’s up to you where you take your life. Nobody else will care as much as you do; you’re the one who has to live this life, so you may as well take charge now.

“But I’m not the boss! I have no power.”

That’s where you’re wrong. Here, step this way.

“I can’t!”

Says who?

“Well, nobody exactly, but it’s not done.”

Do it. See what happens.

“OK — done. Now what?”

See where you are?

“It’s a better view.”

Exactly. Did anything happen?

“No one noticed except me.”

But you’re further along than you were. Go ahead, take another step. Start walking.

“Wheee! This is fun!”

I should let you know, people will notice once you’ve gone some distance.

“Uh oh. What then?”

Keep going. If you’re on the right track, maybe they’ll see what you’ve done and start to follow your lead. You’re going somewhere you’ve never been before, and they may want to come along.

“Is that good?”

It can be. You’ll find out. That’s the adventure. Maybe you’ll trip and fall down, but you’ll get up again. That’s how this works, this living-a-life stuff.

“I’m nervous.”

You’re excited. You’re moving.

“It does feel like fun.”

It does, doesn’t it. And what’s more —


It’s going to be all right.

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