The agony of Schudei Syndrome

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Have you ever found yourself stuck wondering what to do next — “Should I try NaNoWriMo again this year? Should I try to work on that project I always wanted to do? Should I try for that dream job? Should I? Should I? Should I?” — and unable to come to any decision at all?

If so, like me you may suffer from Schudei Syndrome (pronounced “Should I”), the world’s leading cause of procrastination, in which the patient is caught in a constant loop unable to select from an endless series of choices, all of them good choices except the choice not to choose.

Symptoms can include stagnation, malaise, unhappiness bordering on depression, agitation, undue stress, and many many more.

Named for Hans Schudei, the psychologist who first identified this disorder, Schudei Syndrome affects millions of people every year. There is good news: A treatment has been identified and found to be effective most of the time when administered daily.

The cure is simple and very inexpensive:

Do — or do not. There is no “try.”

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