The work of our lifetimes

OK, some days I have nothing to say because someone has already said it all better than I ever could.

I devote my efforts today to urging you to go read Bari Weiss’ brilliant call to stand up for individual rights and freedom.

“I realize the faddish thing to say these days is that we live in the worst, most broken and backward country in the world and maybe in the history of civilization. It’s utter nonsense,” she begins, and it just gets better.

Just this first of 10 principles is worth the price of admission.

1. Remind yourself, right now, of the following truth: You are free. It’s true that we live in an upside-down time in which pressing the “like” button on the wrong thing can bring untold consequences. But giving in to those who seek to confine you only hurts you in the long run. Your loss of self is the most significant thing that could be taken away from you. Don’t give it up for anything.

By the time I got to the end, I was ready to stand up and cheer. Someone gets it! Someone really gets it!! There is hope for us all!!!

Enough about me. Go read the darn thing.

Lincoln Isn’t Evil. Neither Is the West. Stand Up to the Woke Lies.

One thought on “The work of our lifetimes

  1. …we all get one day at a time…no promise of tomorrow..! My dad once told me that the curve in the road of life is not the problem…unless…you don’t turn. He also told me that you can not walk down the road of life in the middle…when decisions need to be made you step either in the left or right lane…if you’re wrong..change lanes! NOBODY IS RIGHT ALL THE TIME…I have changed lanes often in my 70+ years…and have grown because of it. THANKS.

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