Is something bothering you? Start writing.

Something’s wrong. You’re not sure what it is, but you’re uneasy — or you know exactly what’s wrong and you’re seething or brokenhearted or just upset. Start writing.

Don’t worry about what to write. Write about what’s wrong — that’s easy, it’s the main thing on your mind. Write why it’s upsetting you and what in the world you’re going to do about it — fix it, walk away, whatever — go through the options if you’re not sure. Start writing.

After a while something amazing will happen. As you see the problem unfold — literally — you’ll start to see solutions and options and all the other things a person does to deal with problems. And you’ll feel better because writing it down gave you more control over the situation, or at least more understanding.

“Writing ‘rights’ things,” Julia Cameron wrote. Want to see how that works? Start writing.

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