born free

We are born free

… and we see that other people are free, too, and everything works pretty well if we all agree we’re free as long as we don’t hurt others or their freedoms

… but then we start building little walls and barriers over what we can do, and then we encounter the permission-givers and who appointed them anyway

… and the little walls and barriers grow into cages, and we don’t step out to test the limits as much, and so we don’t realize how far we can go and we forget we’re free

… and people encourage us to think outside the box, but the box is comfortable, so very comfortable that we forget it really doesn’t exist, and we sit inside a box of our own making, free to come and go but not daring to be free

… so very comfortable that we don’t see the permission-givers building a real box where the imaginary walls had been

… until it’s too late.

Until it’s too late?

Actually, it’s almost never too late.

You’ve been free all along, and still are.

Remember the part where it works really well

and get back there.

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