Life is what happens while …

I’ve been sitting here for five minutes, thinking about what I could be writing, instead of actually writing.

I wonder if that’s a metaphor for life: You could be living, but instead you sit and think about the life you could be living. Oh, it’s important to sit and think, too, it’s a form of preparing for what’s ahead, but you know, I’m not writing down any of the things I was thinking about — not yet anyway. First I wanted to explore the little metaphor.

How many of us think and think about what we’re going to do, until it’s too late to do it? How many of us don’t do anything because they think it’s too late, when really there’s no time like now? How many of us are so bogged down in thinking that they never understand that it’s always now?

It’s always time to do that thing! Why else do you think you’re thinking about it?

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