This most amazing hunt

Part 2 of 5.

When the words flow, they flow, they race to come out, tumbling over one another. It helps to set the table with gratitude, I think, or I suspect. Call it invoking the Muse, praying to God, whatever helps, but a dose of gratitude, a dollop of awe, a recognition of miracles, seems to go a long way toward priming the pump.

I thank God for this most amazing day!

This feels like one of those messages or themes that I was meant to deliver. This feels like one of those messages people need to receive, people need to hear, people need to consciously try to remember in dark of night when you’re barely awake, “Thank you, Lord, for this most amazing day.”

When I stayed in bed rather than leap up and write it down, it was a comfort to know the thought was still there, ready to be unleashed in the morning, and not just then but whenever I needed to unleash it, whenever I needed to remember.

What a most amazing day is every day! And we have thousands of them to savor — still, it is only a finite number of days when all is said and done, so best not to waste the challenges and opportunities to be tackled in the daily hunt.

The hunt is for nourishment — hunt for what will fill your soul with happiness — “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are, after all, the first three gifts on the list of things endowed to us by our Creator. They are magic words, near-sacred words, and word represent something. Words mean something. Words stand for something.

In their best expression words are not very hard to understand. When they’re parsed and overthought, the meaning disappears into obfuscation. When they just come out and say their meaning, communication and understanding happen.

Thank you, Lord, for this most amazing day! May I try to remember that thought at the beginning and end of every day, and a few times in the middle, too.

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