Fight the Fear

Fear has become the motivating factor in this contemporary world of ours. Life is portrayed as a maelstrom of forces beyond the power of the individual to tame.

It’s a lie. You can tame the maelstrom, if you can tame your fear.

I came to that conclusion more than a decade ago and put out a little book called Refuse to be Afraid. I have added a few essays to it over time, and when I released a “10th anniversary edition” a year ago, it had about half-again as many chapters as the original book. It’s still a quick read, but a tad less quick than it began.

The last couple of years, the fear peddlers have doubled down. A concerted effort is underway to make us afraid of stepping out the door into the sunlight, to make us afraid of traveling around the town or the state or the country freely, and most of all to make us afraid of each other.

And I’ve kind of had enough.

So I stripped my book back down to its original length and rush-released it back into the wild, for people who have barely an hour to get recharged and motivated to live their lives as fearlessly as they can.

Call them the “original theatrical release” and the “expanded special edition.” Call them the “vintage album version” and the one with “bonus tracks.” Call them whatever you like, but get one or the other or both.

This has always been the message at the heart of my work: Fight the fear. Refuse to let fear control your life. Free yourself. Follow your dream.

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