Take back your life

(With apologies to the Galaxy Being and Freddie.)

We live in a time of seemingly unprecedented privacy invasion, government overreach, and Orwellian illogic. I’ve spent most of the last two weeks cleansing my palate by writing a dystopian story about the re-education camps that may seem an inevitable product of our present condition.

We now return to our regularly scheduled encouragement: These wannabe overlords are far less relevant than they imagine.

You control the reception of their messages. If you wish to make it louder, you can bring up the volume. If you wish to make it softer, you can tune it to a whisper. You control the horizontal. You control the vertical. You can roll the image, make it flutter. You can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.

In the big picture, on the bottom line, at the end of the day, you control all that you see and hear. You are participating in a great adventure, experiencing the awe and mystery that reaches from the inner mind to the outer limits.

It’s not theirs to control, no matter what the voice in the little box is telling you. Open your eyes, look up to the skies, and see.

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Wordsmith and podcaster, Warren is a reporter, editor and storyteller who lives near the shores of Green Bay with his wife, two golden retrievers, Dejah and Summer, and Blackberry, an insistent cat. Author of It's Going to Be All Right, Echoes of Freedom Past, Full, Refuse to be Afraid, Gladness is Infectious, 24 flashes, How to Play a Blue Guitar, Myke Phoenix: The Complete Novelettes, A Bridge at Crossroads, The Imaginary Bomb, A Scream of Consciousness, and The Imaginary Revolution.

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