Aligning the ducks

A half-hour after I wrote this

The mess stands before me, challenging me: “Here are the ducks, dare you line them in rows?” I acknowledge the piles of books and records and CDs and loose papers, and I turn back to working and playing amid the chaos.

I bought a record over the weekend but haven’t played it yet. The books I brought back from New Jersey, the crosswords that accumulated while I was gone, and some paid but unfiled bills are on the turntable.

So move them, Warren. And perhaps I shall, but first I need to write “So move them, Warren. And perhaps I shall, but first I need to write ‘So move them … and crap, now I’ve fallen into a time loop.

The week started in hectic mode, as weeks generally do, and so Wednesday — a combination rest, work from home, work at home, work on home, and general all-purpose day — comes as a relief. Will this be the day it all falls together, or just another in the long unfinished line of days?

There’s that word “finish” again. Didn’t I just declare last week that my goal is to never be finished? Yes, but a little “a place for everything and everything in its place” action wouldn’t be so bad for a change.

OK. Clearing off the turntable and listening to the new LP goes on the priority list. And maybe the audio equipment gets set up today. I have four day-job tasks and infinite author-publisher tasks I could be working on. Maybe I should prioritize the infinite tasks so I can get off Square One on those. Maybe maybe maybe, all the pretty choices. Pick one and go. I pick this one! Here I go …

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