The coming of the snow dog

They’re saying our neck of the woods will be getting 4-8 more inches of snow today. It was fun watching Summer — born July 19 — experience her first snowfall, jumping to catch the cool white flakes in the air and rolling in the white stuff. Now that at least an inch or two has coated the ground for a couple of  weeks, it’s not such a novelty for us, but the little girl is pleased.

We live in the land of four seasons, although we have been having winter weather for two or three weeks now, even though 10 days or so theoretically remain in autumn. 

In and out of snow, the puppy has been everything you expect of a puppy — leaping and running as fast as she can, terrorizing the cat, waking at 3 in the morning because there are things she can’t hold until dawn. On the other hand, she gets up and whines at the door at 3 a.m., when some puppies might simply make a deposit on the floor and go back to sleep. She rather quickly picked up on the concept of doing business outside.

Summer also has become quite the snuggle bug, loving the comfort of Mom’s lap, which will not likely be as cute when she is a 75-pound adult. For now, it’s adorable.

Sometimes, after business is done, she will sit down in the snow facing away from me and stare into the distance, listening for the sound of an approaching snowplow and watching the blinking lights as the big machine turns around and heads back in the other direction, while I search the clear sky to monitor Orion’s progress since earlier in the evening.

If the forecast is correct, we may have enough snow by Saturday morning that she could sink up to her shoulders, and we shall see if she is as delighted and fascinated then. My forecast is for pure joy.

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