Irony defined

I saw a meme or two to this effect over the weekend, so I’m not the first to think of it.

The fight over mandates last year was an interesting one, with the people who didn’t want to be forced to take an experimental gene therapy injection to fight COVID-19 declaring “My body, my choice,” and the pro-jabbers countering that it’s not just your body at stake, because innocent lives could be lost.

It was interesting because many who believed one way have, in the past, advocated the exact opposite position on another divisive subject. The people who declare a right to abortion have always been about “my body, my choice,” and they have always scoffed at the argument that it’s not just your body at stake, because an innocent life would be lost.

The irony is lost on the extremists on either side, of course. For those caught in between, perhaps it’s a chance to find, if not agreement, at least an understanding.

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