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My writings about freedom and tyranny are, according to the analytics, not my most popular stuff. Should I turn from that theme, or should I keep writing in hopes I finally jar people into waking up?

Screw the analytics. It’s not a theme I can abandon. There’s too much at stake in these tyrannical times.

In fact, I’m putting the final tweaks on a collection of musings about this topic, you know, the topic about certain, unalienable rights and the unpleasant folks who fight tooth and nail to take those rights away.

Trouble is, I can’t figure out what to name the thing. I have some beige ideas — like Essays On Freedom — are you asleep yet? On the other end of the spectrum, I have ideas like Wake Up and Be Free, which sounds a little too strident to my ears. What is the “Goldilocks” title? Still thinkin’ on it.

All I know for sure is that my contribution to the freedom conversation will be available before the official first day of summer. Consider this the first “teaser trailer.”

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