Working toward a post-Soviet world

One of my daily stops in this journey is Kent McManigal’s Hooligan Libertarian” Blog. He has a way of cutting through the smoke and mirrors and pointing out exactly what The Powers That Be are attempting to do to us.

The other day he recommended a book by Gregory V. Diehl called Everyone Is an Entrepreneur: Selling Economic Self-Determination in a Post-Soviet World. At first I saw the title and subtitle as conflicted: Yes, I believe everyone is an entrepreneur, although most of us sell our services to only one customer at a time in what we call a “day job.”

But “a Post-Soviet World”? If anything, I believe the world is getting more Soviet every day, with autocrats trying to control every aspect of our lives, resulting in near-runaway inflation, empty shelves in our once-burgeoning retail stores, suppression of dissent from official party lines, and Orwellian agencies like the “Department of Homeland Security” or the newly minted “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Because it was McManigal recommending the book, however, I dug a little deeper and learned that the subtitle is literal: Diehl moved to Armenia not long after the Soviet Union collapsed, and the book details his effort to explain the principles of economic self-determination to people who had grown up under totalitarianism.

It seems we could learn from the Armenians’ experience as they worked to lift themselves away from Soviet control and explore the possibilities of being the boss of you. And so I also recommend this book, even though I haven’t read more than the first few paragraphs of the preface, and, of course, I recommend McManigal’s blog to anyone who wants a daily dose of freedom.

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