Now out there for pre-order

Now available for pre-order, my collection of thoughts on what ails “us,” where “us” is the folks who think they know better how our lives should be run. Echoes of Freedom Past: Reopening, Reclaiming and Restoring Liberty will start mounting the print-on-demand presses on June 21.

Thoughts on the Bill of Rights, how they’ve been systematically violated for years but especially the last two years or so, and finding our way out of this dystopian nightmare, plus the short story “Letters From Camp” that played out here over 10 days last fall.

You can pre-order the print edition in many of the usual places — here’s a link to Barnes & Noble. The ebook is also available at Amazon and soon other sites.

I put this little book together because I couldn’t remain silent while our certain and unalienable rights are under constant bombardment. Thanks for giving it a look.

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