The spirit shouts freedom

I had not offered an encouraging word for a while, partly because my mind was focused on finishing a book about freedom in an increasingly unfree environment. In the background the price of a gallon of regular gasoline was being jerked up to $5 and who knows if it’ll stop there; gasoline fuels our freedom of rapid movement around the land.

I allowed myself to get discouraged because I forgot that the human spirit survives, always.

You can’t extinguish a flame as bright as freedom. People with agendas work hard to curb the spirit, but the human default is toward freedom even in the darkest of times. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying or tragically mistaken.

I believe in free men and women making choices for the good of their families and neighbors, standing up to the bullies who would rather see us in cages, figurative or literal.

Who are these bullies who would shackle humanity for our own good, who see a need to “recalibration of a whole range of rights,” first and foremost freedom of speech? The scary part is they believe their actions are benevolent. God save us from well-meaning totalitarians.

The good news is that it’s not in our nature to be happy in bondage. All tyrants, even the kindly ones, eventually fall because humans thrive in freedom.

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I did not write the above to promote my book. But the instinct for shameless self-promotion insists I mention it’s available for pre-order at places like this and this.

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