Fred and Benny show up

“Some days you got nothing, but you show up anyway,” Fred said.

The words just hung there waiting for a nod or a blink or a wink, but Benny had nothing, either.

“I got nothing, either,” Benny said.

Benny stared at Fred, and Fred stared at Benny.

“What do you want to do about it?” Fred said.

Benny looked out the window, looked across the table, and looked into his beer.

“Can’t just quit,” Benny said.

“Why not?” Fred said.

“It’s like you said, some days you got nothing, but you show up anyway.”

“Damn straight,” Fred said. “Did I really say that?”

“Yup,” Benny said. “Well, we showed up, didn’t we?”

They picked up their stuff and went and did the show. And everyone who was there called it a legendary night, never knowing that Fred and Benny almost almost almost just never-you-minded the whole thing.

And that’s why you show up. Because you just never do know, do ya?

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