I made this

The new book is here. Well, here where I am; the ebook and print-on-demand presses will be unleashed next Tuesday, June 21.

I paged through it Tuesday morning, and it’s better than I feared. I’m told this fear is common — writers are always afraid to put their work out there, because they know people will recognize what bunkum they’ve written. But then, one hopes, people read it and say, “This is not bad,” or “This is pretty good,” or even “This is terrific, thank you.”

In this case I’ll be content if people read this and say, “Huh, you’re right, there’s something not quite right going on.”

Two years after our society was forcibly closed, we’re still in the process of reopening, and we need to reclaim and restore the freedom we had in 2019, at least, and preferably long before that, before our most basic fears were employed against us to sacrifice liberty on the altar of safety.

I tend to keep returning to that theme in this blog, and I collected those thoughts into this little book about our freedoms past, which still echo from the hills from time to time.

I set the publication date for June 21 so I could be sure the book is ready when it’s released, and I guess it’s as ready as it’ll ever be.

And so, here is my little book about freedom.

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