Pre-orders go live

The pre-ordering process is underway for It’s Going to Be All Right, my new collection of writings, intended to offer reasons for hope in troubled times. Here’s the link for the ebook, or if you prefer to read off the grid, here’s the link for the paperback at Barnes & Noble, and more paperback pre-order opportunities ought to be showing up at your favorite site momentarily if not now.

Recapping the blurb:

It has become almost a cliche to refer to these times with anxious adjectives: These challenging times, these trying times, these unprecedented times, these stressful times, these times, these times, these times.

For more than a decade now, the world has gotten angrier and meaner and more afraid. Log into your favorite “social media” site, anytime, and someone will alert you about some outrage, someone will warn you about some threat, and someone will be shouting down voices of reason and calm and peace.

This book has a simple but powerful message: Never mind that the world is scary and raging; if you reach inside to a calm place, you’ll find the most basic of truths: It’s going to be all right. Oh, change is inevitable, and tomorrow will not look like yesterday, but it’s going to be all right.

The new book may have more in common with my earlier book of encouragements, A Bridge at Crossroads, than with my book about liberty earlier this summer, Echoes of Freedom Past. In some ways they fit together, because the times are troubled because our freedoms are being stripped, and times like these, well somebody has to say it’s going to be all right. As the propaganda reminded us in the early days of the lockdowns, we’re going to get through this and in this together, right?

P.S. You can have the ebook for the uncanny price of 3 bucks, and for what it’s worth I’ve recently reduced the prices on all my ebooks, which you can find at my Amazon Author Page.

P.P.S. Just for the halibut, I went to various sites and searched for “Warren Bluhm” to see how my stuff displays online. I was surprised to find only one etailer found all of my books — the ones I’ve authored, the Roger Mifflin Collection of vintage books from The Haunted Bookshop, and three other volumes of essential freedom and motivational classics. You can find that very successful search at this link. Wow, right?

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