Truth and consequences

What do I have to say next? What should I say?

“What should I say?” Now, there’s an interesting question fraught with assumptions. It suggests that, when I consider what to say next, I may have things that I “should” say as well as things that I “should not” say, and the trick is to discern which is which.

Will there be a penalty if I say something I shouldn’t have said, and a reward for saying something that I should? And however do I tell the difference, other than by saying what I like and discovering what is rewarded and what it penalized?

And what if I am rewarded for saying something I should not have said, or I am penalized for saying something that needed to be heard?

The safest course of action is to say nothing, but when I’m busting to say something I believe is important, I conclude that I should just go ahead and say it, rewards or penalties be damned.

Should I have said that?

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