she fingerpaints too

let me tell you friend i am not entirely sure i can get away with this but they say it’s arty to do everything in lower case and i maybe can get away with claiming some incoherent kind of something is high art.

do ya know what i mean, huh? you know what i mean?

who would think such a thing, i sez, but then the art critic with the times says what an amazing bit of whatever this is, and 

oh, yeah, another thing the hoity toit likes is cutting off a paragraph in mid-sentence

And neglecting punc. chew. ay. shun. dont ya no.

how long can this go on, she asked, and he said as long as you like because i ain’t going nowhere unless you is. at that she turned on her heel and said

yes, this is art — what else would it be? and rested her ample case. 

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