Reconstructing ‘Calendar Girl’

January! You start the year out fine.
February! You’re my little valentine.
March! I’m going to march you down the aisle.
April! You’re the Easter bunny when you smile.
May! Maybe if I ask your dad and mom,
June! They’ll let me take you to the junior prom.
July! Umm …
August! Errr …
September! Well …
October! Yeesh …
November! I give thanks that you belong to me.
December! You’re the present ’neath my Christmas tree.

My heart’s in a whirl — I guess I’ll have to look up July through October.

I first heard “Calendar Girl” when it was playing on far-off WKBW radio in Buffalo, listening in my big brother’s room in New Jersey back when it was a new song. Later, “Little Devil” was one of the first records I ever purchased, and I was excited when I discovered the same guy who sang “Little Devil” had also done “Calendar Girl.” Wo wo wo wo.

I think something was happening on the beach in July … Oh, just look it up, Warren.

[After consulting a search engine]

July! Like a firecracker all aglow.
August! When you’re on the beach, you steal the show.
September! I light the candles at your sweet sixteen.
October! Romeo and Juliet on Halloween.

It turns out I remembered July least of all.

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