The words must be there, somewhere

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I am a bit of an introvert, and the blog is my way of reaching out to communicate with the outside world. “This is what I’m thinking; how about you?” 

Words are marvelous inventions that allow us to share our minds one with another. Where are the words, though, that will lead us at last to understanding?

We can speak to each other face to face across thousands of miles and see the creases around each other’s eyes. Words give us access to the minds of people who died centuries ago. Our technology of communication is unfathomable compared with 100, 200, and 300 years ago.

And we don’t communicate well why?

The words are there. The intentions, I think, are there. Who wants to live in war and fear of violence? Who would want to impose war and violence on others?

“Ah,” one might reply, “but it is a violent world. Just look at nature.” No, I don’t believe that violent men are mimicking nature. If the universe tends to entropy and inertia, after all — Damn, this thought is not forming properly, perhaps because I just can’t understand why, if people want peace, peace proves elusive.

Maybe if you place seven — eight now? — billion souls, each with a unique outlook and needs and desires, on one large orb, then clashes are inevitable.

And yet, we just need to agree to live and let live … and maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the “and let live” part gets in the way. 

People don’t want to let people live in certain ways or with certain beliefs, and so there is no peace. Other people want to force everyone to live the way they do, and so there is no peace.

But a guy can dream.

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