Come a long way

My comfort dog is always ready to serve.

Every time I write in my journal, I start the day by writing the day and the date, and most days I ask myself the same questions: How can it be Monday already? When did we get to mid-April? What happened to when 2023 was in the far-flung future?

Life just keeps happening, and suddenly we find ourselves flung far. It’s like the old saw made new again: “How did THAT happen?” “Well, gradually, and then all at once.”

I come to the journal to try out little profundities, or a crazy story, or just to watch myself think on a page. Some thoughts keep repeating themselves, and occasionally something is brand new (although sometimes, too, I find out I thought that “brand new” thought years ago and forgot).

What am I thinking today? Obviously, I’m thinking about thinking.

Some days I arrive at the journal page all full of piss and vinegar and ready to do something. Other days I just sit and vegetate and “Oh bother, what’s the use?” Today is one of those “don’t just sit there, do something” kind of days, which is good, because I have things to do, one of which is writing in my journal. It’s good when you can check off something on the to-do list bright and early.

Wow. 2023. There were times I didn’t think I’d get here, and now — what next?

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