A Choice Every Sunrise

Life goes on until it ends — and it does end. “What will I do with the time that’s left?” is the central question of a life, isn’t it? Will I act in fear? Will I be kind? Will I love my neighbor as myself? Will I come and go in peace? Will I giveContinue reading “A Choice Every Sunrise”

Plan Ten From Outer Space

He closed his eyes and covered his ears and took a nap, and when he woke the world had changed. First off, he was on the other side of the room. Secondly, someone was in his chair who wasn’t him, although they could be identical twins. “I’ve been replaced by a pod person!” he shouted,Continue reading “Plan Ten From Outer Space”

As Good As His Word

I could see them — Jeep and Blaine standing tall against Venusian villains. Adam and Joy unraveling the puzzle. Hank and “Stella” taking on the thieves of alien tech. I even could still see Devin Green realizing the truth about Krayatura. I could see them all. What dastardly villain inside me was preventing me fromContinue reading “As Good As His Word”

The ones who remember

Continuing musings from the conclusion of Fahrenheit 451 … Post-apocalyptic literature assumes that a cataclysm of some kind is the inevitable climax to dystopia — but catastrophe is always avoidable, until it isn’t. A series of choices makes the situation worse and worse until Big Brother micromanages lives (Nineteen Eighty-Four) or the populace lives inContinue reading “The ones who remember”

In praise of old dogs

If dog-years are one-seventh the length of people years, then Willow has reached 80, more or less. She walks and climbs stairs less certainly than before, as if she suffers the same aches and pains that my 60-something knees and back must contend with, and she looks and feels more fragile. When you have anContinue reading “In praise of old dogs”

The myth of the masses

There was an empire and an emperor, and neither could see faces; they only saw the people, and they treated the people as if they were their children, and they taught the people to serve the emperor and the empire, but they never saw the faces, they only saw the mass, and they didn’t seeContinue reading “The myth of the masses”

Emerging From Dystopia, Part 2

(“And some day we’ll remember so much that we’ll build the biggest goddam steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in and cover it up,” Granger said in Fahrenheit 451.) And what else will people remember? That all are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain, unalienableContinue reading “Emerging From Dystopia, Part 2”

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