Two ways to look at it all

Life’s a bitch and then you die. Or: Life’s a rollicking adventure filled with triumph and despair, thrills and chills, and in the end you leave the theater and say, “Wow, now that was a story.” May my work feed that second narrative as often and as much as I can muster.

Emerging From Dystopia

An article making the rounds the other day noted that Ray Bradbury predicted all this, writing in his dystopian classic Fahrenheit 451, that people would demand tyranny and censorship, that it would not be forced upon us but enforced by popular demand. Yes, Bradbury’s book does contain that bleakness. But — But Fahrenheit 451 endsContinue reading “Emerging From Dystopia”

That moment you realize you’re being lied to

(I wrote this at this stage of the last presidential campaign. Sadly, I don’t need to change a word.) (with grateful thanks to George Orwell, H.L. Mencken, Dr. Seuss and Joss Whedon) Winston Smith sat in a corner where he was pretty sure the telescreen couldn’t see him, and he wrote in a journal. HeContinue reading “That moment you realize you’re being lied to”

Ten openings plus one

The copper dome above the courthouse had faded to green long ago, testament to the bare fact that new and shiny doesn’t last. The old writer resolved to fill his page with the first lines of 10 stories and quickly second-guessed himself – “It’s finishing that I need to work on, not beginning” – butContinue reading “Ten openings plus one”

Further realization

I’m still reeling a bit over my realization about the word realize. When you finalize something, you make it final. It wasn’t final to you before, that is to say, it wasn’t what you understood to be complete. When you realize something, you make it real. It wasn’t real before, that is to say, itContinue reading “Further realization”


Today is full of promise first thing in the morning and full of regret or satisfaction at sunset. Tomorrow is a wish and Yesterday a vague memory, but Today is where the energy resides. Today you can act – Yesterday you either did or didn’t, and Tomorrow you might, but Today you can. Even better:Continue reading “Realization”


Are you there, Muse? It’s me, Warren. I straggled out of bed before light to see if we could have a chat. They say showing up is half the battle, but I think it’s more like three quarters, because I know for a fact that you’re not going to show up unless I do. SoContinue reading “Invocation”

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