The humbug of it all

We need our Arts to teach us how to breathe … Ray Bradbury wrote that in a poem called “We have our Arts so we don’t die of Truth.” One of the many outrages of the coronavirus panic is discarding the Arts among the other “non-essential” functions of humans. Music non-essential? Live performances non-essential —Continue reading “The humbug of it all”

You say you want a resolution

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is an exercise that comes around every November, where participants pledge to themselves and each other that they will aim to write a novel of 50,000 words or more in 30 days. It works out to 1,666 words per day, which does not sound daunting until it looms like aContinue reading “You say you want a resolution”

Glad … for what ifs

I’m so glad … for speculative fiction. Of course, ALL fiction is speculative. There are science fiction and fantasy what-ifs … What if a farm boy in a distant galaxy grew up to be a new hope? (Star Wars) What if a farm girl accidentally traveled to a magical kingdom and saved her friends? (TheContinue reading “Glad … for what ifs”

A time for seeking the light

Mom would make magic bars – those delightfully tasty, baked combinations of graham cracker crumbs, coconut, chocolate chips and walnuts held together with butter and sweetened condensed milk – and Dad would sit us down in the living room and crack open the Good Book. It was the only time of the year he wouldContinue reading “A time for seeking the light”

In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree

So back when Quirinius was governor of Syria, this kid was born in Bethlehem who grew up to change the world. God made us in His image, so that means in a little piece of us is the power to change the world. In a little piece of us is the creativity to build aContinue reading “In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree”

Glad … for serendipity

I’m so glad we … had a serendipitous miscommunication. I’ve been enjoying an early Christmas present — Paul McCartney’s New album, that is to say, the album McCartney released in 2014 called New. A couple of weeks ago, Red asked me what I want for Christmas, I was stumped for a moment, and then IContinue reading “Glad … for serendipity”

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