In the Attic: Manhattan Spiritual

Reading about Tommy James’ career got me rummaging through my boxes of old 45 rpm singles last night, listening first to my old TJ and the Shondells tunes and then paging down the alphabet, when I stumbled across my treasured copy of Reg Owen’s “Manhattan Spiritual,” which I hadn’t heard in years. I still don’tContinue reading “In the Attic: Manhattan Spiritual”

W.B.’s Book Report: Tommy James’ autobiography

The magic just grabs some people. My cousin’s dear one shared his copy of a book by Tommy James called Me, the Mob and the Music, and I raced through the first half last night. It’s quite a tale. It’s the story of a kid who was gripped by the magic early in life andContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Tommy James’ autobiography”

Villainy and inevitability

Weary of defying and denying, he walked to the mountaintop podium and barked. “You’ll never win,” he shouted quietly. “You’ll never take my freedom. Between my temples and between your temples, we both know. I have resisted your lies and your false prophecies with all the strength I had. I am weary and exhausted, butContinue reading “Villainy and inevitability”

A Bridge at Crossroads

Crossroads at Big Creek is a nature preserve in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, that I would visit on lunch breaks when I worked there. A couple of weeks after being evicted from my dream job (“This is an economic decision, not a performance decision”), I sat on a bench near this bridge and wrote these words.)Continue reading “A Bridge at Crossroads”

‘The Uncommon Man’

“Guest post” In my opinion, we are in danger of developing a cult of the Common Man, which means a cult of mediocrity. But there is at least one hopeful sign: I have never been able to find out just who this Common Man is. In fact, most Americans — especially women — will getContinue reading “‘The Uncommon Man’”

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