Choose gratitude

Oh, it’s so so easy, these days especially, to be caught up in alarm and anger and fear and blame and woe. Another choice is always available. I wrote in my journal last night about my worries and concerns, expecting to transcribe them into today’s blog post, but I couldn’t get to sleep, so IContinue reading “Choose gratitude”

Reflections while sitting in a lawn chair waiting for an eBay delivery

2:20 p.m. 9-21-2020 Hello, hello, hello, everyone! In less than a minute you will be a mile away and wondering if you really saw a white-haired man in a lawn chair, leg crossed to reveal bare ankles and slippers, otherwise wearing office clothes and writing in a red journal with a pen. Where are youContinue reading “Reflections while sitting in a lawn chair waiting for an eBay delivery”

That year we won it all

I have heard it said that 2020 is a terrible year. I say, “In your dreams.” It’s not the calendar’s fault if you choose to be downcast and pessimistic and defeated. Did you ever dance to those songs about getting knocked down and getting up again? Did you nod and stick your thumb up whenContinue reading “That year we won it all”

Writers write

I got up early to write this morning — so I’d better start writing. It’s really that simple. (I said simple, not easy.) Over and over again, in the books that purport to tell the secrets of a successful writing career, I see the refrain. Writers write. Writers write. So … Writers: Write. The wordsContinue reading “Writers write”

I Meta Writer

“What are you doing?” She could see what he was doing, of course: He was sitting in an easy chair, staring at the spot up across the room where the light green paint of the wall met the white of the ceiling. He had a blank page in his lap and a pen in hisContinue reading “I Meta Writer”

A brief conversation with Almighty God

The day began in clarity. “Good morning, world! Thank you for the rest,” he cried. “You know who I am; I know who I am. I’m glad we had this chat; let’s get down to business.” Harmonies poured from his soul — answers snapped to his fingers — his mind and body answered the call.Continue reading “A brief conversation with Almighty God”

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