Let’s get to play

“Let’s get to work” is a common way of saying, “OK, kids, stop playing now, there’s serious business to be done, no more fun.” But when we’re having fun, we love what we’re doing so much more than when it’s drudgery. “Let’s get to play” sounds much more inviting. For the musician or the athlete,Continue reading “Let’s get to play”

Turns out the key really is to just do it

This is the 101st day of my 92-day challenge. Back at the end of July, to celebrate my finally getting an independent host for WarrenBluhm.com, I committed to writing a blog post every day in August, September, and October, or 92 consecutive days. I don’t believe I’ve ever managed that. Turns out it’s as easyContinue reading “Turns out the key really is to just do it”

In the days after Sunset Electronica

(A conversation in a world after the devices stopped working.) The Printer grinned an ironic grin. “See, now, there’s the whole point. The printed forum was a place where the community gathered, and people wrote their piece, and views were exchanged with a common respect,” he said, recalling the times before the times before theirs.Continue reading “In the days after Sunset Electronica”

Choose how you react

“Choose to have the right attitude, and you choose success,” Scott Alexander wrote the other day. It’s an oft-repeated thought: You can’t control what happens sometimes, but you always can control how you react. Not that it’s easy — what happens can be infuriating or heartbreaking or unintentionally funny, and your first impulse may beContinue reading “Choose how you react”

That box again, like I did last summer

I was reading along and came upon that phrase again: “Do not be afraid to sometimes think outside the box.” It reminded me I was going to write a book called There Is No Box, once upon a time. Because the whole idea of thinking outside the box is to push out the sides ofContinue reading “That box again, like I did last summer”

Words and music and words about music

I restrung the 12-string guitar on Sunday. First I took the nine old strings off and wiped the dust from my old friend, who had been hanging on the wall for a long time. Something had made me wait. I looked up at her more than once in all this time, and I would takeContinue reading “Words and music and words about music”

Take back the time

Is that enough, muse? Am I finished writing for this morning? Say it ain’t so; say I can keep writing as long as I wish, say I can sing all day. Say I can stay in this chair and shape words and music and life into being and immerse myself in uncanny universes and specialContinue reading “Take back the time”

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