3 songs that still stop me in my tracks

Bruce Springsteen is putting out a new album this week, and based on the pre-publicity I’ve decided to plunk down my hard-earned to purchase it. I used to be first in line to buy his stuff — the Springsteen concert I attended in 1984 is one of my best memories — but I could takeContinue reading “3 songs that still stop me in my tracks”

’Tis the season

This week’s oh-so-interesting social media meme shows the king and his adviser looking over the huge crowd who are armed with torches and pitchforks and want his head. The adviser comments to the king, “It’s easy, sire. All you have to do is convince the torch people that the pitchfork people want to take theirContinue reading “’Tis the season”

Journal entry after exiling social media

Anyhow, here we are. 4:50 p.m. Calm water over there, evergreen woods behind me, picnic table in front. And, as often happens when I try to write, I’m tired (because usually I’m writing in this thing around 4:50 a.m.). I neutered my iPhone the other day, in hopes of clearing enough space to enable aContinue reading “Journal entry after exiling social media”

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