Hint: Pick 4

What to do when you capture lightning in a bottle: 1. Wait around with another bottle hoping it strikes twice. 2. Hug the bottle to your heart and never show it to anyone. 3. Put the bottle on a shelf or in a drawer and spend the rest of your days talking about that dayContinue reading “Hint: Pick 4”

The zen of coffee making and persevering

Sometimes I have the foresight to make coffee before I go to bed. I load the water in the tank, pile the coffee grounds in the basket, and apply a sticky note to the front of the machine to remind me that all I have to do is press the “on” button to start theContinue reading “The zen of coffee making and persevering”

ten thousand stars

My E.E. Cummings book 100 selected poems, purchased at the college bookstore nearly 50 years on, has a scrap of paper left along the way to bring me back to poem number 54, which concludes “I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance” and again,Continue reading “ten thousand stars”

for most this amazing

I just went out to pick a poo that Willow had left near the front door. It is a beautiful night — warm, not hot — comfortable — bright and sunny, the light from the not-quite-ready-to-set sun bouncing off fluffy white clouds against a brilliant blue sky — and it occurred to me I haveContinue reading “for most this amazing”

“You can turn it off!”

This is a little tricky, because I’m trying to reach you amid the noise and the distraction, right through the telescreen. You may never find the message through all the clamor, or if you do, it will have been an accident that you found this — but what a fortunate accident. And here we are.Continue reading ““You can turn it off!””

Thanks, Dad

Richard W. Bluhm, 96, W2KXD, a Chester resident for more than a half-century, died Sunday, July 19, 2020, after a short illness. He was born Nov. 15, 1923, in Summit, the fifth child of Herman W. and Frances M. (Ryszczynski) Bluhm of Millburn. From an early age Richard was fascinated by the amazing new technologyContinue reading “Thanks, Dad”

Look up into infinite possibilities

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down, the most obvious thing to do escapes you: Look up. There is so much sky there. And the Master Painter has produced so many masterpieces in every direction — sometimes I will take four pictures in six seconds and every one looks different, even though they were taken in theContinue reading “Look up into infinite possibilities”

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