Get me rewrite — not

There are ways to approach art, and there are ways. One is to meticulously polish until it’s as flawless as your can make it. It’s interesting to look at a Beatles Anthology or a Beach Boys/Brian Wilson compilation and see an alternate take labeled “(Take 24)” or “(Take 87)” — and then there’s Roy Acuff’sContinue reading “Get me rewrite — not”


It’s 8:15 in the morning. The sun is flashing off the snow and making everything even brighter. Across the living room Dejah is on her back in the love seat, her snout and front paws hanging over the side, back paws more or less pointing to the ceiling. Red is asleep on the recliner, andContinue reading “Cycles”

W.B. at the Movies: Everything Everywhere All At Once

At its core Everything Everywhere All At Once is a sweet movie — a kind movie — and of course an insane movie. The insanity is why I loved it. It seems everyone these days is doing movies about the multiverse, where every choice leads into its own universe. What would have happened if youContinue reading “W.B. at the Movies: Everything Everywhere All At Once”

About those bioweapons

I remember when you were a racist or a Russian stooge if you believed the Wuhan virus escaped from a laboratory. Three years later, it turns out you just had your eyes open. In all of the discussion over whether it did or didn’t, I don’t recall any discussion about the main question I wouldContinue reading “About those bioweapons”

Marching into a new year

March was the first month I ever saw, although I had no idea what I was looking at. Of course it’s a month of transitions — that’s why they put the first day of spring there — but for we who were born in March, the sense of new beginnings is doubled. It’s a schizophrenicContinue reading “Marching into a new year”

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