The madness on pages 210-211

So one morning, before I began writing on page 210, I proved to myself that my 240-page journal actually is 240 pages long, by numbering pages 211 to 240 once and for all. And I found myself with only 30 pages to fill before I complete a 20th journal. (Note to self: Almost time toContinue reading “The madness on pages 210-211”

The gap between here and there

I did stop and look at the artwork like I promised myself the other day, and it was a treat. It seems the hospital staff created all or much of the painting and photography on display in the long corridor between the hospital itself and the Cancer Center. This photo, taken by the hospital’s RNContinue reading “The gap between here and there”

A Jeep Thompson victory

I put Jeep back up on the banner Thursday morning. For the first time in longer than I care to admit, I read my unfinished novel Jeep Thompson and the Lost Prince of Venus, and darned if it isn’t better than I remember. We creative types are our own worst enemies, because of that innerContinue reading “A Jeep Thompson victory”

You are a work of art

I walk down the long corridor between the hospital and the Cancer Center, where my darling Red has been transferred, turn a corner, and find an art gallery in the hallway. “You are a work of art,” says the first sign that greets the eye, and we are, aren’t we? Every day, every moment, weContinue reading “You are a work of art”


I’ve been staring at screens too long.Yes, I’ve been staring at screens too long.Don’t get me wrong,It’s just thatI’ve been staring at screens too long. Look up — Look up —You’re staring at a screen!Look up — Look up —Do you know what I mean?LOOK UP!!! We stare at screens as if they hold allContinue reading “Screens”


Wasted: There is no better word to describe chemical intoxication. It’s a waste of time and energy, a wasted chance to be — to create — to make a difference — you name it. “I was wasted!” What could have been in that moment! But the moment was wasted. The brighter side? The word isContinue reading “Wasted”


What do you do on the day taxes are due? Do you rail against an inevitable evil that you feel powerless to stop? Or do you shrug and say this is the price we pay for peace and freedom? Peace? When the money wrested from our labors or printed out of thin air goes toContinue reading “Inevitabilities”

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