Happy Thanksgiving: Building a new marina

There is no Frigate like a BookTo take us Lands awayNor any Coursers like a PageOf prancing Poetry – This Traverse may the poorest takeWithout oppress of Toll –How frugal is the ChariotThat bears the Human Soul – — Emily Dickinson I spent Wednesday building this new marina for my fleet of frigates; today IContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving: Building a new marina”

A new blurb for A Blue Guitar

Ever since that magical day in April when I read through my draft of How to Play a Blue Guitar, thought “this is not a draft this is the book,” and published it then and there, I have struggled to describe this book. (Stop me if you’ve heard this recently) As I was reading SethContinue reading “A new blurb for A Blue Guitar”

In gratitude to mentors

I have built this blog, and my writing in general, around three action verbs: encourage, enlighten, entertain. If I have done at least one of those three things in a piece, mission accomplished. Today I’d like to share some of what has encouraged, enlightened and entertained me this year.

Emerging From Dystopia

An article making the rounds the other day noted that Ray Bradbury predicted all this, writing in his dystopian classic Fahrenheit 451, that people would demand tyranny and censorship, that it would not be forced upon us but enforced by popular demand. Yes, Bradbury’s book does contain that bleakness. But — But Fahrenheit 451 endsContinue reading “Emerging From Dystopia”

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