Save your dreams

“Grown people were so strangely oblivious to the truly important things of life. Material for new garments, of night or day, could be bought in any shop for a trifling sum and made up out of hand. But if a dream escape you, in what market-place the wide world over can you hope to regainContinue reading “Save your dreams”

I have and I haven’t

I haven’t updated the home page on my website in more than a year, so if you haven’t been reading this blog you couldn’t know that I released Gladness is Infectious or 24 flashes or updated A Little Volume of Secrets and Resistance to Civil Government and Letters to the Citizens of the United StatesContinue reading “I have and I haven’t”

3 brilliant books

Circumstances have put me in the car alone a lot more lately, and my preferred electronic companion on the highway is an audiobook. I’ve been choosing wisely of late. After a couple of compelling young adult series that nonetheless left me emptier than I wished (Renegades-Archenemies-Supernova by Marissa Meyer and Uglies-Pretties-Specials by Scott Westerfeld), IContinue reading “3 brilliant books”

Blue Guitar is 1; what’s next

So this weekend is the anniversary of the day I woke up in the morning not intending to publish my next book yet, and it was posted to various bookstores by nightfall. How To Play a Blue Guitar was a work in progress, and I sat down to proofread what I’d done so far andContinue reading “Blue Guitar is 1; what’s next”

With thanks to my first completed journal

The first journal I filled is two-thirds disjointed mess. I started it in late 2011 as a notebook for my story/novel ideas, and for the first 200 pages that’s more or less what it is, with ideas and passages that ended up in The Imaginary Revolution or the Myke Phoenix novelettes I dashed off inContinue reading “With thanks to my first completed journal”

The immortal part of man

I am reading Farnham’s Freehold, a somewhat dated Robert A. Heinlein novel about a family thrown 1,000 years into the future by a thermonuclear bomb. I was attracted to the book by this quote a friend posted on Facebook: “The last books in the world, so it seemed. He felt sudden grief that the abstractContinue reading “The immortal part of man”

I encounter my heroine, and she’s not happy

“There you are, Jeep!” I said to young Ms. Thompson the other day. “I haven’t heard from you for awhile.” “Oh, there YOU are,” she said back, seeming a little cross. “So you didn’t forget me after all.” “No, no, I think about you all the time. I stopped hearing your voice.” “Right. Me andContinue reading “I encounter my heroine, and she’s not happy”

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