In praise of guilty pleasures

“Guilty pleasures” are usually defined as something not-literature or otherwise not-classy that you enjoy anyway, and it feels a little like playing hooky when you read or watch or listen to it. Where does the guilt come from? My guilty pleasure was comic books, best of all Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, the early daysContinue reading “In praise of guilty pleasures”

Waiting to be found again

The books wait on the shelves. They came to the shelves, some on impulse, some on purpose, all because they called to me, looking interesting. Some I bought after a great ebook experience, to preserve the memory to sample again someday. Some are collections of memories (the comic-book compilations and other anthologies). Like the recordsContinue reading “Waiting to be found again”

My 3-month challenge at 6 months

This post may be shameless self-promotion. Or perhaps this post is a best-practices memo disguised as shameless self-promotion, or vice versa. In any case, today marks the end of six months since I challenged myself to write a blog post every day for three months, through the end of October. Something new has appeared onContinue reading “My 3-month challenge at 6 months”

A Little Volume of Secrets

A decade ago The Secret was all the rage, with its Law of Attraction that if you decide you want something hard enough, the universe will shift in ways to make it so. As I poked around I learned that this idea was not exactly new; in fact variations on the theme were being advancedContinue reading “A Little Volume of Secrets”

We all could use a good laugh

The other day I stopped at an antique store and brought home a couple of old books, as I am wont to do (a fancy-pants phrase meaning “again”). So I’ve been reading Will Rogers: Ambassador of Good Will, Prince of Wit and Wisdom by P.J. O’Brien, which I take is a “quickie biography” rolled outContinue reading “We all could use a good laugh”

The return of book-books

Once upon a time books and recordings were physical things you held in your hands. When you wanted to watch a movie at home, you took your copy of the film and slid it into a device that showed it to you. Books were even easier. You picked them up and started reading. Nowadays ebooksContinue reading “The return of book-books”

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