A whiff of strong air

The next Roger Mifflin Collection book is The Story of My Heart, which author Richard Jefferies subtitled “An Autobiography,” even though precious few details of his life actually appear between its covers. It’s more of a love song to nature and bright sunny days walking through meadows. It’s more of a philosophical treatise as heContinue reading “A whiff of strong air”

Just wait until you meet her

I do not expect this scene to appear in any of the books I’m writing about Jeep Thompson, but the moment sprang from a daydream about Jeep’s formative years. I hope it will pique your interest for that hopefully-inevitable time when you finally meet her. “Your daughter is reckless and disobedient,” the teacher said.  “Oh,Continue reading “Just wait until you meet her”

Agatha gets meta

Among my recent companions on the commute has been Agatha Christie, and specifically her series of murder mysteries featuring the retired Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, who is almost never wrong. In the 1937 novel Cards On The Table, I found an intriguing sequence in which Christie either wrote about her writing process or poked funContinue reading “Agatha gets meta”

Reintroducing The Demi-Gods

The fifth volume in The Roger Mifflin Collection is available today: The Demi-Gods, a 1914 masterpiece by James Stephens. “If you need ‘all manner of Irish,’ and a relapse into irresponsible freakishness, try ‘The Demi-Gods,’ by James Stephens,” said Mifflin, the proprietor of Christopher Morley’s Haunted Bookshop. “It is a better book than one deservesContinue reading “Reintroducing The Demi-Gods”

Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”

I think I found my Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume 2 at Goodwill for pennies. Maybe it was a rummage sale. In either case I did not spend much money to obtain this 3,000-page behemoth. And every so often I pick it up and browse through it, like I did Sunday morning. Fun factsContinue reading “Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language””

W.B.’s Book Report: Secret Identity

Before Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ray Bradbury stole my heart, my passion for reading was fueled by comic books. It was a casual thing until the day in July 1963 that I stumbled across The Amazing Spider-Man #4 and for 12 cents my life was changed forever. For the next decade or so, I followed MarvelContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Secret Identity”

A possible first chapter

When I first met Devin Green, dinosaur tracker, he was a 14-year-old son of a single mom who thought his paleontologist father was pretty cool. His uncle had just been killed* when the ocean-going garbage scow where he worked was sunk by what appeared to be, well, a prehistoric creature of some kind.  The secondContinue reading “A possible first chapter”