Just write anything until you write something

There are a number of things you can do with a blank piece of paper, or a blank screen. You can stare at it. You can write on it. You can draw on it. (You can also make paper airplanes and origami, but for purposes of this post, we’ll stick with things that involve writingContinue reading “Just write anything until you write something”

Keep a pad and a pen by your bed

Yes, this was the truth. I finally knew what to do. I was so sure. It was a brilliant insight. I brimmed with confidence. First thing in the morning, I would get started. This time, nothing could stop me. And when I woke, all I could remember was the certainty. I had no clue whatContinue reading “Keep a pad and a pen by your bed”

Great artists steal, but it’s not theft

There’s something new under the sun … every day. Each and every one of us is a creator. It’s in our nature. When we create something, whether it’s a painting or a poem or a store display or a legal brief, we give something of ourselves that did not exist before we gave it. PicassoContinue reading “Great artists steal, but it’s not theft”

Maybe shift the focus

Maybe we’re asking the wrong question. Maybe instead of asking what we want to write today, we should ask what our readers want to read. Maybe even that is the wrong question. Maybe we should be asking what we want to read, and then write that. Someone is nodding and saying to themselves, “Now he’sContinue reading “Maybe shift the focus”

Let’s get to play

“Let’s get to work” is a common way of saying, “OK, kids, stop playing now, there’s serious business to be done, no more fun.” But when we’re having fun, we love what we’re doing so much more than when it’s drudgery. “Let’s get to play” sounds much more inviting. For the musician or the athlete,Continue reading “Let’s get to play”