You have the power

Listen, kid. Listen, lady. Listen, old man. You say you want to do something with this life? You’re not content and you want to change things? You say it doesn’t have to be this way? You’re right. So what are you going to do about it? It’s your life. You can fix it. You haveContinue reading “You have the power”

Hint: Pick 4

What to do when you capture lightning in a bottle: 1. Wait around with another bottle hoping it strikes twice. 2. Hug the bottle to your heart and never show it to anyone. 3. Put the bottle on a shelf or in a drawer and spend the rest of your days talking about that dayContinue reading “Hint: Pick 4”

ten thousand stars

My E.E. Cummings book 100 selected poems, purchased at the college bookstore nearly 50 years on, has a scrap of paper left along the way to bring me back to poem number 54, which concludes “I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance” and again,Continue reading “ten thousand stars”

For the joy

Run for the joy of running because your spirit cannot be contained in a walk. Write for the joy of writing because your spirit can’t hold back the words. Sing for the joy of singing because life has a melody and harmonies so pure and clear that it has to have music. Speed across theContinue reading “For the joy”

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