This much is true

Of course you can do it. Of course, you’re scared it won’t be as good as you want it to be, and chances are very good that, yes, it won’t be. So what? An imperfect-but-realized dream is better than the perfect project that remains in your imagination forever. An imperfect-but-finished-and-shipped project is better than noContinue reading “This much is true”

Bus ride from Destiny

He noticed her as soon as she got on the bus in a little town called Destiny in the middle of nowhere. A small-town girl had no business being that stone-cold beautiful, but he supposed that was why she was leaving town. She took a seat three rows in front of him on the otherContinue reading “Bus ride from Destiny”

9 sentences about connecting

So much of what we read, and watch, and listen to, is about our differences. Our skin color, our culture, our opinions. So much of what is reality is what we have in common. Great art is about what connects us. Heroes are heroes. Noble acts transcend differences. If we’re pricked, we all bleed. WeContinue reading “9 sentences about connecting”

Fred and Benny show up

“Some days you got nothing, but you show up anyway,” Fred said. The words just hung there waiting for a nod or a blink or a wink, but Benny had nothing, either. “I got nothing, either,” Benny said. Benny stared at Fred, and Fred stared at Benny. “What do you want to do about it?”Continue reading “Fred and Benny show up”

The pursuit of excellence

One of the many “old friends I haven’t seen in years but I think I know because I see their Facebook posts all the time” posted this the other day, from a website called Cover Band Central: to all musicians who are slowly giving up, don’t. just because someone is weighing you down, or youContinue reading “The pursuit of excellence”

Irony defined

I saw a meme or two to this effect over the weekend, so I’m not the first to think of it. The fight over mandates last year was an interesting one, with the people who didn’t want to be forced to take an experimental gene therapy injection to fight COVID-19 declaring “My body, my choice,”Continue reading “Irony defined”

Another streak preserver

This post began life as a filler, because it was past 9 p.m. Tuesday and I had no topic for a Wednesday entry. The devil on my shoulder said that nobody cares whether I continue my daily blogging habit for a 642nd day, but the angel on the other shoulder said that’s not quite true,Continue reading “Another streak preserver”

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