There is such beauty in the world, such innocence, so much that is miraculous. It’s almost, I don’t know, criminal that we focus on anything but. We log onto social media spoiling for a fight, daring the rest of the world to offend us. We fill the airwaves with the latest reports of humanity’s inhumanity.Continue reading “Anthem”

Time to stop comparing

Serendipity is a wonderful, awesome thing sometimes. Friday morning I started through my “Important People” folder, the links to people who blog daily or at least often enough to pique my brain. One of those important people is Dean Wesley Smith, the prolific writer and daily blogger whose streak is somewhere around 4,000 days (thisContinue reading “Time to stop comparing”

High crimes and misdemeanors

I wrote this a decade ago at the conclusion of a little essay called “We’re all gonna die” (page 31): “Refuse to be afraid. Resist the impulse to yield to the fear and let someone strip your liberty in the name of security and protection. Live like you were dying – because you are dying,Continue reading “High crimes and misdemeanors”

A search for one thing

My mind wanders and wanders and runs off track and down rabbit holes. So many directions and so many tracks and so many holes! Is there an advantage to focusing on one thing? Of course there is, but there is also a time to explore and to find other options and alternatives to the oneContinue reading “A search for one thing”

All the words!

All the words I’ve stored on shelves all around! There must be millions. Surely the books in this house alone number in the thousands: There are 37 just on my Ray Bradbury shelf (36 Bradbury books and A Christmas Carol), one of eight bookshelves on the walls of this room and not counting the bookcasesContinue reading “All the words!”

Fight the Fear

Fear has become the motivating factor in this contemporary world of ours. Life is portrayed as a maelstrom of forces beyond the power of the individual to tame. It’s a lie. You can tame the maelstrom, if you can tame your fear. I came to that conclusion more than a decade ago and put outContinue reading “Fight the Fear”

Our mission is love

I wish you love. I don’t care who you love, as long as it’s love. Love is more important than skin color, creed, gender or any other divisions. Focus on giving love, and the rest just drops away. They say God is love and we are made in God’s image, and then they spread anythingContinue reading “Our mission is love”

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