Glad … to be an optimist

I’m so glad … I can see the bright side. I confess. I’m Pollyanna. I have done my best to cultivate an inner attitude that it’s going to be all right. I’ve been grateful for that attitude a lot, lately. It’s a big, scary world with people who seem hell-bent on keeping it scary forContinue reading “Glad … to be an optimist”

The winnable struggle against depression and depression

It’s interesting: We use the same word — depression — to describe a paralyzing melancholy and general economic collapse. I imagine it’s safe to say one leads to the other and back. Some say the cure for an economic depression is to have the government spend our way out of it. That, of course, ignoresContinue reading “The winnable struggle against depression and depression”

Grant me the serenity

Now, see, this is why it’s not a good idea to look at the glowing screen first thing in the morning. I walk out with Willow to see to her morning constitutional, and it’s a beautiful morning, so quiet and still that the rooster’s crowing a half-mile away is clear as day, and the reverberationsContinue reading “Grant me the serenity”

Great artists steal, but it’s not theft

There’s something new under the sun … every day. Each and every one of us is a creator. It’s in our nature. When we create something, whether it’s a painting or a poem or a store display or a legal brief, we give something of ourselves that did not exist before we gave it. PicassoContinue reading “Great artists steal, but it’s not theft”

The assassination of Margaret Thatcher

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains general discussion of the fourth season of the television series The Crown, which debuted last week. If you like to watch a program without knowing what happens, come back at a later date after viewing the show. This Brittanica article describes Margaret Thatcher as “The only British prime minister toContinue reading “The assassination of Margaret Thatcher”

Here’s how it will be when the dust settles

Oh, we go through this in cycles, every four years. Such a fuss, such a lather, and in a few months there’ll be the same old realization that “the most important election of our time” produced yet another dose of “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Oh, there’ll be some cosmetic differences,Continue reading “Here’s how it will be when the dust settles”

A New Dream All Its Own

“Smile … Though there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by.” “You got to have a dream — If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?” What do you dream, friend? I’ve been having a dream of folks talking to one another like friends, and being interested inContinue reading “A New Dream All Its Own”

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