Tired of being afraid? Yeah, me, too

I’ve been writing to myself, “Today I’m going to stop procrastinating and get it done,” for so long that I laugh at myself every time I write it. I am the king of procrastinators. Which is greater, my fear of living or my fear of procrastinating into the grave? Wait, what was that book IContinue reading “Tired of being afraid? Yeah, me, too”

The rest of the universe

Go ahead. Unclench your shoulders. Open your fists for a handshake. Take a deep breath. Feel the connection of a hug. Relax your grip on “reality.” There is more to this world than you can see with your eyes, touch with your hands, hear with your ears, smell with your nose, or taste with yourContinue reading “The rest of the universe”

What do you need to do even when no one else cares?

What would you do if it was only you — you were all by yourself and no one was watching/reading/listening but you had to do it anyway? That’s your passion. Someone said that once: Your passion is what you would do even if nobody cared or paid attention. Work on getting better at that thing,Continue reading “What do you need to do even when no one else cares?”

Remember to play

A cup of coffee. A half-dozen Biscoff cookies to dunk, absorbing the liquid to create a sweet treat. A cat bounding onto the chair’s arm with an interested meow. This is how it starts. The first day of school for kids is a symbolic new beginning for grownups, too. For those grownups who may haveContinue reading “Remember to play”

Joy Joy Joy to the World

I know what to do, he sniffled, but I never seem to be able to get it done. I need a schedule. No, I need to go moment-by-moment and do what each moment requires. No, I need to put away childish dreams and be a grownup. No, I need to recapture the childlike wonder thatContinue reading “Joy Joy Joy to the World”

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