The man who turned off the news

He turned on the television to find anchors engaged in the everlasting search for the world’s bad stuff, compiling a log of people doing harm to one another, nature’s fury wreaking havoc on innocents, death and destruction both accidental and intentional, and, of course, members of the ruling class throwing insults, half-truths and outright liesContinue reading “The man who turned off the news”

You have the power

Listen, kid. Listen, lady. Listen, old man. You say you want to do something with this life? You’re not content and you want to change things? You say it doesn’t have to be this way? You’re right. So what are you going to do about it? It’s your life. You can fix it. You haveContinue reading “You have the power”

Hint: Pick 4

What to do when you capture lightning in a bottle: 1. Wait around with another bottle hoping it strikes twice. 2. Hug the bottle to your heart and never show it to anyone. 3. Put the bottle on a shelf or in a drawer and spend the rest of your days talking about that dayContinue reading “Hint: Pick 4”

“You can turn it off!”

This is a little tricky, because I’m trying to reach you amid the noise and the distraction, right through the telescreen. You may never find the message through all the clamor, or if you do, it will have been an accident that you found this — but what a fortunate accident. And here we are.Continue reading ““You can turn it off!””

The Defiant One speaks

In a world cowering behind a mighty wall of fear and anger, the Defiant One strode confidently into the arena. The crowd would have cheered, but the authorities had banned crowds. He strutted pridefully to the center of the vast staging area and looked around at where the thousands of faces would have been. “YouContinue reading “The Defiant One speaks”

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