Occupy your life

(“One of these days” I’m going to begin a systematic catalog of all the stuff I have written, so that I don’t forget pretty good stuff that I wrote, and so I can find it when — when I need it? When I want to remember what I’ve written? When I’m compiling a new book?Continue reading “Occupy your life”

A Song to Sing

I gave my newest book the title Echoes of Freedom Past. It’s a book about reopening, reclaiming and restoring liberty in a post-lockdown world. As the second-guessing that every writer experiences trickles along, I wonder if I should have named it A Song to Sing, after one of the blog posts that linchpins its theme.Continue reading “A Song to Sing”

The joy of running off-leash

Summer and I have begun taking walks through our land of late. For now I have to keep her leashed, but I try to let her lead the way for the most part.  We may wander near our wildflowers, up and down the septic mound, or as we did Wednesday morning, through the woods. SummerContinue reading “The joy of running off-leash”

Everyone is in sales

I encountered the concept again in a short book I read Thursday by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener called Twelve Pillars. “Everything is sales,” is one of the 12 pillars for a successful life that an old handyman, Charlie, passes on to the book’s protagonist, a down-on-his-luck sales guy named Michael Jones. If you recognizeContinue reading “Everyone is in sales”

To FRAP or not to be

Ray Bradbury, of course, had the best, most counterintuitive advice about writing wonderfully crafted stories: “Don’t think.”  + + + “So don’t think!” he cried. “Don’t think about what?” asked his companion.  “That’s the spirit!” And with that, he broke into a full-fledged sprint. He dashed across the front yard and down the slope. HeContinue reading “To FRAP or not to be”

Waking dinosaurs

The microphone and the audio control panel sit on the credenza, waiting, gathering dust. He was going to do wondrous things with that equipment someday, tell stories and sing songs and create aural marvels to share with the world. He listens to the sounds of the house — the washing machine and refrigerator doing theirContinue reading “Waking dinosaurs”

Walk with me

The dog walked over and sat down next to the easy chair, looking up with the sad puppy-dog eyes that dogs have mastered since the beginning of time. “I’m bored,” her eyes seemed to say. “There’s nothing to do here. Is this all there is to life?” “You could read a book,” he said withContinue reading “Walk with me”

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