Choices we make today

A scream of consciousness cuts through the quiet: This is today, isn’t it? The debris from yesterday continues to haunt, and the promises of tomorrow may or may not ring true, but today is here, right on time, to be shaped and formed now, to our pleasure and delight or to our weary horror —Continue reading “Choices we make today”

Use all your time

Wow, that was something you just created — meme worthy at least, maybe something timeless. What else you got? It’s easy to look at what you’ve just written and say, “There! Done! Mission accomplished!” and go back to life. But there are still hours in the day, or at least minutes in the creative timeContinue reading “Use all your time”

Eagles fly like, well, eagles

I remember the first time I saw an eagle flying overhead at our retreat not far from the shores of Green Bay, a few years ago now. It was heart-stoppingly beautiful, that majestic bird fighting back against extinction and soaring along. Friday afternoon I sat down on the bench in Willow’s Field and looked upContinue reading “Eagles fly like, well, eagles”

It comes in waves

The dog up and died; he up and died —After 20 years he still grieves. I have always choked up a little bit when we get to that line in “Mr. Bojangles,” and I knew that after three-quarters of a lifetime, I had experienced the love of a dog as deep as that about JerryContinue reading “It comes in waves”

She taught me joy

As the author of a little tome called Gladness is Infectious, I decided to look inside my grief and be glad for the just shy of 12 years with the beautiful golden retriever I have told you about, Willow The Best Dog There Is™. (This Sunday, March 28, would have been her 12th birthday.) IfContinue reading “She taught me joy”

These difficult times ain’t

We laughed at the sixth or seventh TV ad, all of them for different products or services, all of them nearly identical, and we haven’t stopped laughing. They start with a somber solo piano … and then the announcer says … “In these difficult times …” “We’ll get through this …” “… because we’re allContinue reading “These difficult times ain’t”

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