Glad … for independent thought

I’m so glad we … have reason and free will. Moms used to say, “If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?” and that was how we knew we didn’t have to do what everyone else does. Moms would say things like you have two ears and one mouth and youContinue reading “Glad … for independent thought”

Glad … for life

It’s all turned around and inside out today. I usually sit down in my blue chair to journal before dawn, but this has been one of those “everything got away from me” weeks, and so I’m writing these words a couple of hours after sunset, or about 12 hours behind. (Actually, I haven’t been inContinue reading “Glad … for life”

Glad … for music

I’m so glad I … hear the music. When I was a kid I was obsessed with Top 40 radio, but I also hoarded my dad’s 78 rpm records and fell in love with Artie Shaw’s “Frenesi” and Benny Goodman’s “Sing Sing Sing” and Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse.” My background music as I type this isContinue reading “Glad … for music”

Glad … for words

I’m so glad I … learned to read and write. The world opened. I learned about shy stegosauruses and buried treasure, superpowered heroes and heroines from other worlds and down the street, and with pencil and paper I created my own world. Words give us a portal into other minds and souls, times and places.Continue reading “Glad … for words”

Gladness is infectious

What if we spent a day starting every sentence with “I’m so glad …”? I’m so glad I … I’m so glad you … I’m so glad we … How soon would we run out of things to be glad about? or would we discover, at length, that the supply is endless? I can’t helpContinue reading “Gladness is infectious”

Top 10 lists of remembered joy

While mindlessly surfing social media the other day, I stumbled across a “10 best TV shows of all time” thread. I love lists and so enjoyed wandering through other people’s lists. Then I decided to give it a whirl. These are the 10 shows I thought of before my brain started thinking “shows that IContinue reading “Top 10 lists of remembered joy”

Shelves of buried treasure

(Written at the end of an enjoyable early-morning hour spent reading old poems, reflecting on the thousands of pages of buried treasure on the shelves in my room, and writing in my journal.) Ah, the familiar pang of knowing I have but a few minutes left before I must dive into the quotidian. And here’sContinue reading “Shelves of buried treasure”

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