You are a work of art

I walk down the long corridor between the hospital and the Cancer Center, where my darling Red has been transferred, turn a corner, and find an art gallery in the hallway. “You are a work of art,” says the first sign that greets the eye, and we are, aren’t we? Every day, every moment, weContinue reading “You are a work of art”

Come a long way

Every time I write in my journal, I start the day by writing the day and the date, and most days I ask myself the same questions: How can it be Monday already? When did we get to mid-April? What happened to when 2023 was in the far-flung future? Life just keeps happening, and suddenlyContinue reading “Come a long way”

The yearning

There is a place in the heart of a dog that defies understanding. There is a look in their eyes of yearning and reaching to communicate — of wanting to, to, to what? Wanting to eat, to sleep, to be near and ready to chase squirrel, rabbit or ball, ever willing to chew on aContinue reading “The yearning”

Zuzu’s petals

Sometimes just a phrase is all you need. For me, the other day, it was “Zuzu’s petals.” If you love It’s a Wonderful Life as I do, you know what I’m talking about. George Bailey’s little daughter is upset because some petals had fallen off the flower she brought home from school, and he pretendsContinue reading “Zuzu’s petals”

It’s beginning to look at lot more like spring

I used a picture from this angle last week, and this is an example of how Wisconsin’s late March snowstorms don’t bother me much — even that last patch of snow in the new photo melted a few hours later. We found the old tricycle at the bottom of our hill that leads to theContinue reading “It’s beginning to look at lot more like spring”

Finding a stick, and some accumulated stuff

Summer and I went for our first walk in a few days, covering roughly half of our 3.3-acre piece of God’s good Earth. She hadn’t been herself since I got home the previous day, and it turned out she just needed to evacuate some accumulated stuff, which she did in two mighty installments during ourContinue reading “Finding a stick, and some accumulated stuff”

Live the life that’s left

I rediscovered this post while I was thinking ahead to my 70th birthday, which is today, and while I was again thinking about Willow The Best Dog There Was™ who departed this life on my birthday two years ago, forever merging the day I entered this world with the loss of my dearest friend ofContinue reading “Live the life that’s left”

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